[NAFEX] Horne Creek Farm & Lee Calhoun

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Tue Dec 23 20:42:52 EST 2008

For anyone that may be interested, and near North Carolina:

April 4 “Grafting for the Future” Seminar. Come learn how to graft an apple tree. Lee Calhoun, author of "OldSouthern Apples", will conduct the class. At the end of the day, allparticipants will take home with them a tree grafted from one of theorchard’s 400 varieties . Fee charged: $40. Pre-registration required: 336-325-2298. Class size limited to 20 participants. Meet at the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard at Horne Creek Farm. 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Lee was instrumental in establishing the orchard at Horne Creek. I believe he supplied most, if not all, the material. While few of you would be interested in the class, Lee will be there and it is a chance to see the orchard. Horne Creek url is: http://www.nchistoricsites.org/horne/horne.htm.

The orchard is young, but extensive. And I wish I had the deer fencing they do. ;-)


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