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Spidra Webster spidra at speakeasy.net
Mon Dec 22 17:20:29 EST 2008

Sorry about your back!

I have a very late cling peach that grows in my yard.  I have no idea  
of the variety since it came with the house.  It grew a huge crop  
this year, so much that branches broke (I didn't thin as much as I  
should have).  I didn't get to taste any of it, though, as it's so  
late-cropping that I was on a trip in Autumn when they were finally  
ripe in mid-October or so (in a marine Berkeley, CA climate).

It is susceptible to leaf curl and possibly to brown rot as well.   
But it tastes quite nice.  In a climate that gets more heat than we  
do, I could see it developing peak peach flavor.

I'd be happy to send scions to folks if they provide the postage.

On Dec 22, 2008, at 8:58 AM, Alan Haigh wrote:
> Judging from my first sampling of Encore I think I'm going to  
> prefer it.  It seems to be a richer and more flavorful peach  
> although both types are very good.  I also suspect Encore will be  
> less prone to brown rot for which A G is a real magnet because the  
> Encore is more acidic with more concentrated sugars (less watery).   
> Anyone out there with experience with these or other similarly  
> timed peaches?

Megan Lynch

Berkeley, CA

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