[NAFEX] early peaches

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 15:28:33 EST 2008

Mark, I think it would be good advice not to follow your logical advice
about only planting cultivars that ripen at prime time for that species.
The earliest peach I have found useful here is Harrow Diamond and I am so
happy every year to have good peaches before they are available at local
farm stands.  The winter absence makes the heart grow fonder, believe me!

Of course, if the weather is wet during early summer they may not get
quality but that can work in other ways.  Last season my Diamonds were very
good and my Red Havens (later and usually the beginning of prime time
quality) sucked for lack of sugar- they were big and beautiful, but there
was badly timed cloudy wet weather.

If you put a Harrow Diamond side by side with a Loring at peak ripeness the
Diamond might pale but that would never happen.  The fact is that any sweet,
juicy peach should be well worth eating and the commercially available ones
rarely come close to my early, mid, or late peaches.  In fact the quality of
my Encores came very close to that of my prime time peaches this year and I
appreciated them more because the glut was over.
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