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Anyone know if grafted paw paws will make it in zone 4? Are there any  
selected varieties that are particularly short season & extra hardy?    
I've got a bunch of PA Golden Seedlings in the ground.


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>  writes:
>> I put this question out a couple weeks ago but no one answered, I  
>> even e'd the chairman of the paw paw special interest group to no  
>> avail.  Do paw paw seedlings closely duplicate the fruit quality of  
>> the parent plant?  Obviously the seeds are the result of cross  
>> pollination from a second plant but if both parents have high  
>> quality fruit with a good fruit to seed ratio are the seedlings  
>> likely to be of similar quality?
> Hi Alan,
> OK, I'll stab at it. I do have experience on the subject as I've  
> bred pawpaw and have something like 300 seedlings hand pollinated  
> from named varieties. Mostly Prolific, Sunflower, Overleese and  
> Davis were used.
> Most are average, a few very good to outstanding maybe, and maybe  
> 10% to be culled out. My advise to assure all will perform to your  
> liking, GRAFT!
> If I were on the witness stand and being cross examined and had to  
> answer your question yes or no, my answer would be no.
> Jerry

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