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> I put this question out a couple weeks ago but no one answered, I even e'd 
> the chairman of the paw paw special interest group to no avail.  Do paw paw 
> seedlings closely duplicate the fruit quality of the parent plant?  Obviously 
> the seeds are the result of cross pollination from a second plant but if both 
> parents have high quality fruit with a good fruit to seed ratio are the 
> seedlings likely to be of similar quality? 

Hi Alan,

OK, I'll stab at it. I do have experience on the subject as I've bred pawpaw 
and have something like 300 seedlings hand pollinated from named varieties. 
Mostly Prolific, Sunflower, Overleese and Davis were used.  

Most are average, a few very good to outstanding maybe, and maybe 10% to be 
culled out. My advise to assure all will perform to your liking, GRAFT! 

If I were on the witness stand and being cross examined and had to answer 
your question yes or no, my answer would be no. 


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