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Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 11:58:27 EST 2008

I'm crippled at the moment with an aching back- out for the first time in
several years and right before a snowstorm so there's not a lot to do but
wait a few more days for the muscles to un-freeze.  It makes me wish there
was more going on on the list just to kill time on something that interests
me.  Guess I'll just throw a topic out there- late peaches.

Around southeastern NY Z6 most of the peach crop has been harvested by about
Sept. 10 with the last of the Elbertas or similar timed varieties.  If
conditions are right though, which has been the case in recent seasons,
another crop is possible from the next latest cultivars which can crop
peaches for another 10 days or so.  If these peaches are picked hard-ripe
and stored in the fridge you can be eating delicious tree-ripe peaches for
an additional 2 or 3 weeks by pulling them out of the fridge and softening
them at room temp as you need them.  Later peaches seem to store better.

The 2 varieties I grow for this purpose are Autumn Glo and Encore.  I
harvested a lot of Encores for the first time this year because I have long
been satisfied with Aut. Glo which seems to produce a much larger peach and
is more favored by commercial growers around here.

Judging from my first sampling of Encore I think I'm going to prefer it.  It
seems to be a richer and more flavorful peach although both types are very
good.  I also suspect Encore will be less prone to brown rot for which A G
is a real magnet because the Encore is more acidic with more concentrated
sugars (less watery).  Anyone out there with experience with these or other
similarly timed peaches?
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