[NAFEX] Aronia paradox

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Sat Dec 20 16:45:16 EST 2008

Wow,  I missed this too.  Thank you Jim for reposting.  I have a copy of 
Thoreau's "Wild Fruits" a very nice book put together from his writings and 
apparently a sort of diary of harvest dates.  (Actually would make a nice 
Christmas present for a Nafexer if it could be gotten in time.)  He talks 
about the wild plants hanging with fruit.  That combined with Jim's taste 
tests implies maybe someone should be out searching for superior clones that 
taste good COOKED.  That means it takes a bit more effert to compare clones. 
I suppose the named selections, being tetraploid, were selected for making 
bigger fruit?  Did the wild selections have small fruit?  I am well aware 
from picking blueberries that no matter how small the fruit might be, not 
having to deal with thorns, diseases, insect damage and rot make them more 
attractive than many other fruits.  I suppose that most of the swamps that 
Thoreau picked blueberries and saw chokeberries in were drained many years 
ago.    Donna 

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