[NAFEX] Aronia paradox

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Sun Dec 21 12:03:14 EST 2008

Compare this listing for an edible mountain ash on the Jungs Nursery  

Rabina Mountain Ash


Zones 3-9 - A unique true mountain ash found growing in the wild in  
Russia. Unlike other mountain ash, Rabina has remarkably good tasting  
fruit with a sweet-tart, non-bitter flavor. High in vitamins A and C,  
the abundant bright orange berries are good for fresh eating, juice,  
preserves, pastry and wine. The small ornamental trees grow up to 20  
feet tall and have attractive pinnate foliage that turns orange-red in  
fall. 3 to 5 ft. bareroot trees.

On Dec 20, 2008, at 11:30 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:
>   We have a Ukrainian immigrant who works for us
> and she got really excited when she saw the plants (and fruit).  She
> remembered eating it in Russia where they call it  
> "Rabinia" (requires a
> tongue roll on the RRRRRR).

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