[NAFEX] apple trees from seed

Drevniok colleendaly at videotron.ca
Sat Dec 20 18:33:30 EST 2008

        I  have been starting seedlings from Fameuse apples which are 
raised in a small heritage apple orchard. I just put the seeds in the 
fridge today
    with a little damp peat moss. This is the 3rd year that I have done 
this;  if it is like the other years in about 20 - 30 days about 90%
    of the seeds will start sprouting. I will then put them in small 
plastic pots (early January) and then transfer them to larger pots in 
April. I let them
    grow for a year in the larger plastic pots. In the Fall I will bury 
them and the follwoing year place them in a nursery. The apples I started 3
    years ago will be put out to a permanent spot in 2009. It is really 
quite easy.

         The reason I chose Fameuse is because I have read that they 
will produce apples very much like the fruit they came from.
    Does anyone have hard evidence that this is, in fact, true? I guess 
I will know for sure in about another 5-7 years.

            Peter Drevniok
            Gatineau, Quebec zone 5; some planting in zone 3/4   

Richard MURPHY wrote:
> Oh no, it's Murph, and he's gonna talk again.................
> Last year, I saved a few apple seeds from various apples from my 
> orchard, and from Fenton's. I stratified them for a few months, then 
> planted them in pots. Some sprouted, some didn't. A couple months 
> later, I was cleaning out the fridge, and I noticed that ALL the seeds 
> I had left over from stratification had SPROUTED FINE !! Apparently, I 
> jumped the gun in planting them. This year, I will wait until I see at 
> least one or two sprouts before planting a each different variety.
>     Hopefully, the fact that these seeds come from two small orchards 
> having dozens of varieties, will create a more complex collection of 
> results than seed gathered from Supermarket apples which are usually 
> grown in large blocks. Last year's winners were Cortland and Golden 
> Delicious, as far as tree vigor, leaf size, branch habit, etc. The 
> Wolf Rivers that grew, turned into little shrubs!
>     I'm also trying a few Surefire cherries from seed, just to see 
> what happens. Does anybody have a 'favorite' apple variety for 
> starting from seed? This is all just for fun; not a commercial venture.
> Peace, Fruit Fans.
> Murph
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