[NAFEX] apple trees from seed

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Sat Dec 20 17:34:34 EST 2008

I've noticed apple seeds germinate better in cooler conditions than you'd think.  A cool-to-chilly room is better than a warm place.
I began sprouting apple & pear seeds partly as an outlet for compulsiveness, partly because there never seems to be small amounts of rootstocks available commercially when I want them.  So why not sprout many seeds and select some good guesses to use as rootstocks.  This argument is also valid for those finds (chance-seedlings & name-lost) which are rejected from any rootstock I've tried-- "self to self" graft rule says a plant SHOULD graft to it's seedlings.
The variability in the growing seedlings is interesting.  Growth rates, branch habits, red colors, disease & insect problems, fall color.  I offer extra (or don't fit the plan) seedlings which outgrow their nursery rows to neighbors who might want wind-breaks & wildlife plantings.  I also offer them grafted goodies, and I'm very clear about describing the difference.
Pretty peaceful in sWI; we can't get into much trouble when we're shovelling snow all the time!

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> Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 11:28:26 -0800
> Subject: [NAFEX] apple trees from seed
> Last year, I saved a few apple seeds from various apples from my orchard,
> and from Fenton's. I stratified them for a few months, then planted them in
> pots. Some sprouted, some didn't. A couple months later, I was cleaning out the
> fridge, and I noticed that ALL the seeds I had left over from stratification had
> SPROUTED FINE !! Apparently, I jumped the gun in planting them. This year, I...
> ...Does anybody have a 'favorite' apple variety for
> starting from seed? This is all just for fun; not a commercial venture.
> Peace, Fruit Fans.
> Murph
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