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This might help a little, from my book Plums of North America.

BLUEBYRD - (P. domestica) - Skin: Dark Purple, Flesh: Amber-yellow, Ripe: Mid-season,  Taste: Good, sweet, C/F: Semi-clingstone, Fruit Size: Medium, Shipping: Good, Tree Size: Medium-large.

           Developed by Harold W. Fogle, USDA, Beltsville, Maryland and released by Ralph Scorza on March 20, 1998. An open pollinated seedling of NYH4 which is a Domestica plum of unknown heritage. 

           The fruit average about 1 5/8th inches in width by 2 inches long being oblong. The skin is dark purple and the flesh is amber-yellow. Very sweet averaging about 20 brix. Semi-clingstone. Ripens about 10 days before Stanley. The upright growing tree is productive. Self-infertile, needs a pollinator of the Domestica type.

Since this is a European (domestica) plum there is a question if it will do well in the Southeast but if you can grow Stanley you should be able to grow this plum.


Richard Ashton

Oak Creek Orchard


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