[NAFEX] Sweet cherries

Mark and Alisha Fehringer markandalishafehringer at peetzplace.com
Fri Dec 19 19:46:46 EST 2008


I forgot to include a few things in my last post.

"Is anyone out there growing sweet cherries on the Great Plains?  Blackgold, Whitegold, Kristin, etc?  Some of these are listed as hardy to zone 4, but our dry winds are tough on marginal plants."

 I am in Northeast Colorado. 4500' elevation.  The maps say z5 but we figure on a z4.  We drop to about -20 F. for a winter low, which I don't see as a problem by itself, but I am concerned by the combination of our very low humidity and high winds.
There are some sour/pie cherries and peaches around.

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