[NAFEX] Cox's Orange Pippin

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 17:49:43 EST 2008

Hi Martha,

I am wondering what you define as a "cool summer" and a "short season?  I planted a Cox's Orange Pippin in a fit of sentimentalism: as a teen I worked summers in a fruit stand in Southern B.C. and fell in love with the then very unpopular apple.  I'm wondering if the extreme cold we get will kill it's blossom buds or if the short seasons we have will be too short to ripen it's apples and would love to hear your input.

My Cox is grafted onto either Beautiful Arcade or Antonovka and I planted it the spring of 2006.  As a whip, it came through the winter of 2006-07 surviving -45 C/F, not counting the wind chill. Not bad for a tender zone 5 tree!  It lost only the terminal bud and then took off like crazy this summer which all kinds of heat records ( I think we stopped just short of 100 F).   

zone 3b
outside Edmonton, Alberta

> I am in high elevation (7,400ft) New Mexico.  Cool Summers
> with a short season.  Cox does well here.  I was under the
> impression that it is limited both by summer heat and winter
> hardiness where it is cool enough in the summer, therefor
> hard to grow in most places without a large body of water
> moderating the temperatures.  Theoretically we occasionally
> get test winters with -30, I haven't been here long
> enough, so far most winters the low is -10.
> Martha


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