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> I get maybe 80% take fall dormant transplanting Paw Paw suckers, and I'm 
> very suspicious of anecdotal observations including my own.  

Some years back when the NAFEX annual meeting was in Decatur, GA in August 
Donna Hudson brought a large amount of pawpaw seedlings that she had pulled from 
her compost pile. For three days she gave them away. As attendees were 
departing the final day she had about 17 left. Asked if I wanted them I at first 
said no whereupon the threat of throwing them into the trash promoted me to 
rescue them. Now at this point they had been out of the ground three days with 
leaves attached. The following day I planted them. Middle of August!

I just checked my notes: Planted Aug. 16. Watered again Aug. 20. On Aug 30 
all but 1 were alive and looking good, watered again. 

Once I transplanted a random small one year seedling from a flower bed to the 
field in April. It failed. That summer a sprout came up from the root left 
behind in the flower bed. In August I dug up that root and sprout and 
transplanted because of this continual rumor that transplanting pawpaws in August works. 
It worked. 

This isn't scientific for sure, uncontrolled extermination for sure by an 
amateur. But 16 out of 17 survived computes to 93% success. That is rather 
difficult to argue with. 


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