[NAFEX] Transplanting paw paws in midsummer

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 14:26:22 EST 2008

I get maybe 80% take fall dormant transplanting Paw Paw suckers, and I'm
very suspicious of anecdotal observations including my own.  Of course, I do
love my own!  I haven't done enough paw paw transplanting to be expert and I
certainly haven't done careful research.

When someone claims something as counter-intuitive as getting better results
by transplanting paw paws in the middle of summer and stripping the leaves
it is interesting to hear from the person doing it but I'd be reluctant to
pass it on, especially if I wasn't clear on their research technique.  More
often than not, even carefully controlled university type hort research has
to be taken with a grain of salt but is worth more to me because of the
tendency towards disciplined research.  There are professional reputations
at stake.  Even so, one study, one site, one season, one or just a few
species, etc only gets you so far.

Stripping leaves is a common practice when summer transplanting is necessary
but I've never heard of any research showing it to be an advantage over
moving a dormant plant- although some species are said to transplant more
readily just as they start to bud, like dogwoods.  That isn't to say, of
course, that such research doesn't exist.  I'd be happy to learn of it.
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