[NAFEX] aronia yield and propagation

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> We don't get nearly the yields that I've read are possible from cultivated 
> aronia bushes.  We usually get 2-3 lbs per bush and the bushes are 3-6 years 
> old.  I have read that they are able to produce up to 20lbs under ideal 
> conditions.  Has anyone achieved something along these lines?

I have two Aronia bushed from Hidden Springs Nursery about 10 years old. They 
bear heavy crops every year. About three years back I picked over 5 gallon 
for a winery. Didn't weigh the berries.

I do eat a few hands full fresh from the bush. I spit out the pulp, swallow 
the juice. But I wouldn't set down to a bowel full!   


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