[NAFEX] aronia yield and propagation

kbrubaker at nc.rr.com kbrubaker at nc.rr.com
Wed Dec 17 08:39:31 EST 2008

We have had very good luck making juice by simmering the berries with a bit of sugar and then pressing out the juice and adding water and lime juice to taste.  I can't tell the difference in taste from the berries off our Viking plant and the two seedling aronia plants we have (may be seedlings from Nero or Viking - tetraploid as well?).  They are definitely not good for fresh eating due to the texture (dry and firm) and the astringency.

We don't get nearly the yields that I've read are possible from cultivated aronia bushes.  We usually get 2-3 lbs per bush and the bushes are 3-6 years old.  I have read that they are able to produce up to 20lbs under ideal conditions.  Has anyone achieved something along these lines?

I am planning on propagating a dozen or so more from the Viking plant, do dormant wood cuttings root easily, or is it better to plan on starting seeds?

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