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> Nevertheless I purchased a single [pawpaw] seedling from him to check it 
> out.  I'd appreciate some input from objective sources.      

First some back ground before I give my answer to your question. Two of my 
favorites are Sunflower and Prolific. Pawpaws seem to perform differently in 
various areas. Example Davis here isn't nearly as good as Sunflower. However I 
get great reviews of Davis from growers in more northern areas and Davis was 
bred and selected by Corwin Davis in Michigan. 

I have a number of hand bred seedlings in one row, about 60 of them. The seed 
and pollen parents are a mix of Prolific, Davis, Sunflower and Overleese, all 
very good varieties in my opinion.  They are planted 5 feet apart which is 
too close. These trees are about 5 years old. 

This year, especially, I evaluated them for size, disease (fungus) 
resistance, crop and fruit size and a few other characteristics. Taste is subjective 
therefore I made no effort to rate them #1, #2, #3, etc. There were maybe a dozen 
experienced pawpaw visitors who walked the row with me and tasted them and 
generally agreed on taste judgment. 

Now to answer your question based on my experiences. Quite frankly I rate 
less than 50% good to outstanding in this row, everything considered. If you have 
room for only a few trees, definitely go with grafted varieties that perform 
well in your area. Check with experienced growers in your area. I would not 
rely on seedlings of any variety. 

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