[NAFEX] paw paw seedlings

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 07:52:10 EST 2008

I've had some difficulty getting paw paw grafts to take outside of the
greenhouse (extra humidity).  I have ample root suckers from a couple
seedlings with poor fruit which I have found easy to transplant in spite of
literature to the contrary but the original seedlings had poor fruit.

I have 2 grafted trees with very good fruit and assumed that grafted was the
way to go with paw paws but Michael from Edible Landscaping tells me that
seedlings from trees with superior fruit usually pass on most of the fruit
characteristics of the parent.  But he admitted to also having difficulty
with grafts so I'm not entirely confident of his information.  Nevertheless
I purchased a single seedling from him to check it out.  I'd appreciate some
input from objective sources.
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