[NAFEX] Glockenapfel, Belle de Boskoop, CO hardiness

derry&bill wchase at interchange.ubc.ca
Sun Dec 14 23:29:59 EST 2008

I've received an email from a home gardener in Minnesota. She grew up in 
Switzerland and her father had a few apple trees. She wants to know:

1) if Glockenapfel, Belle de Boskoop and/or Cox's Orange will grow in 
zone 4?
2) is there a supplier of these varieties in the Eastern US?
3) is there a supplier anywhere else in the US?

Thanks for any information you can give me.

Derry Walsh
south coastal B.C.
where a Arctic front has just moved down and we're experiencing -6°C 
(21°F) and there's a forecast of -13°C (9°F) on Friday. Brrrrrrr.

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