[NAFEX] Paw Paw Seedlings

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Sun Dec 14 20:29:08 EST 2008

I have some extra Paw Paw seedlings, some in the ground and some in 
pots.  If anyone is interested and would like them, please let me know.  
I will need to be reimbursed for the shipping  (or you could pick them 
up).  I had thought I might charge for them, but never got around to 
pricing them, so....  Oh, by the way, don't ask me to ship to places 
that don't want Virginia stuff (like California) or out of the country.  
I am not an official nursery, just would like to share these Paw Paw 
seedlings and my spouse is real grumpy about me planting more .

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