[NAFEX] russet apple varieties

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Dec 12 12:41:48 EST 2008

At 09:10 AM 12/12/2008, you wrote:
>Living in east TN about 25 years ago I kept hearing people talk about the
>old 'Rusty Coat' apple and how much they liked them.  I never got my hands
>on one till we visited Jeff Poppen's place one fall and he had some from a
>tree he'd grafted.  They were awful.  He said he only knew one person who
>liked them.  Maybe he'd only found a seedling from one of the real thing.

Interesting.  I'd been just about to throw out a question about 
'Rusty Coat', as I'd not seen it mentioned in this discussion on russets.
I had it, years ago, when I had 'antique-itis' as Ed or Don termed 
it.  It never survived my (mis)management long enough o 
fruit.  Scions came from Tim Hensley's Urban Orchard Nursery, if I 
remember correctly.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Cold Zone 6
AHS Heat Zone 7
Hopkinsville, KY 

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