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Talk about Chieftain please.  Is there a mail-order source for it?





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I have grown American Golden Russet, English Golden Russet, Ashmead's
Kernel, Hudson's Golden Gem, St. Edmund's Russet, Fall Russet, Roxbury
Russet, and Zabergau Rennet.  My favorite is probably Ashmead's Kernel and
American Golden Russet.  Roxbury Russet did not do well here.  It seemed to
be like Swaar, a highly rated apple that did not do well in our climate.
None of them are great low care apples as they suffer from insects in an
organic orchard.  The St. Edmund's apple (since lost) was a summer apple
here and usually was a very short season as was the Fall Russet.  With the
hot summers of SW Iowa, most summer and early fall apples do not do well.
This year we had a cool summer and fall so the early apples actually lasted
longer and tasted better.  I like to use my apples for drying and most of
the russets are my most flavorful dried apples.  Zabergau Rennet tends to
brown in drying as I do not put anything on my apples when I slice them
before drying.  They are still flavorful and it is easier to fill a tray for
drying with large apples.  I do not care for the flavor for fresh eating of
Zabergau Rennet.  Hudson's Golden Gem tastes like a pear in our climate.  It
usually has a short season so I just eat it fresh.  I know the russets were
known for long term keeping but I find that apples with a slick skin like
Chieftain or Paragon keep better for me.   Judson L. Frisk zone 5 SW Iowa.


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