[NAFEX] russet apple varieties

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Dec 11 20:03:46 EST 2008

Many of my favorite apples are russets, and I never met a russet I  
didn't like.  Here are ones that have fruited for me, roughly in order  
of how interested I am in them now.

Swayzie - this apple is supposedly similar to Pomme Gris.  I have not  
gotten many fruits but the few have been excellent.  Here are my notes  
this year:  more interesting than Roxbury.  Not as dry and has a  
pleasant flavor, a cross between a "nutty" (Egremont) and an  
"aromatic" (Freyburg).

Pitmaston Pineapple - Taste is excellent, more flavor than Egremont  
Russet.  Needs to mellow off the tree for a bit.  Has more sugars than  
other russets.  Roxbury Russet I would call similar, but PP is ahead  
of RR - more sugars/sours and more flavor.  Small size is the primary  
detraction here.

Golden Nugget - Sweet rich and mellow.  This is the earliest russet I  
have, mid-August,  which gives me a higher appreciation for it.

Egremont Russet - This apple is not as sour as most of the other  
russets and has an interesting nutty taste.  The flesh is a bit dry.

Roxbury Russet - it excels at the sweet/sour flavor.  I have never  
noticed any strange flavor in it, it is always a good apple and a very  
good cropper as well.


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