[NAFEX] acorn crop

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 13:17:56 EST 2008

My squirrels always let me know the state of the acorn crop by about late
August when they usually start harvesting the not quite ripe nuts.  No nuts
and they just go nuts or at least appear to as they look postively frenzied
and gobble up any alternative food supply  including whatever fruit I still
have on the trees.

This year my place was blank for acorns as I've already stated in previous
postings as were all sites around here that had an extremely hard late May
frost about six years ago.  I'm in southeastern NY pretty far from climate
moderating water.

Once oaks freeze out it appears they tend to become rather bienniel for a
time, alternating between heavy and light crops.  Does anyone out there know
how long it takes for these swings to begin to moderate?

Before the hard frost we had lighter and heavier crops, of course, but not
like what we experience lately by my observation.  The extreme boom and bust
seems to have greatly increased the difficulty of controlling squirrels.  In
the past I would destroy maybe six of them and that would be it for the
season, now they just keep coming in from deeper in the woods.  As I stated
in a previous post, they probably will be no problem next season as most
will starve this winter.  Fruit and seeds are not enough to hold them over.
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