[NAFEX] apples for drying

Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
Mon Dec 8 13:45:17 EST 2008

Greetings Lisa and others,

> I've been unhappy with the apples we dried this year - they were too tart 
> (Goldrush) or utterly bland and tasteless (mystery apple #2), and since we 
> have opportunity to put in a few more trees, I'd like suggestions for good 
> ones for drying.  Ideally late, large, and disease resistant (although 
> we've had next to no disease problems with the apples, just lots of worms)

I am not sure how Cortland would perform in zone 7, but they do well in zone 
4 and 5. Cortland is a good apple for drying. Good taste and one major 
advantage, it does not turn brown when exposed to air. The dried apples 
pieces are a nice inviting yellowish fresh apple colour.... without the help 
of lemon to prevent oxydization.

It is a late September apple...


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