[NAFEX] apples for drying

John Barbowski jbarbowski at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 13:02:05 EST 2008

> I've been unhappy with the apples we dried this year - they were too tart
> (Goldrush) or utterly bland and tasteless (mystery apple #2), and since we
> have opportunity to put in a few more trees, I'd like suggestions for good
> ones for drying.

We find Northern Spy the best so far!

Six apples will to an eight tier American Harvester.

People ask what do we sprinkle on the pieces to make them so good and are
amazed that it is just good 'ol apple! WE give small packages away as
'requested' Christmas gifts. The BEST for pies as well. (unbiased opinion -

CanadianZone 6a - just north of Toronto in Thornhill
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