[NAFEX] apples for drying

Lisa Almarode lisaalmarode at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 12:03:04 EST 2008

I've been unhappy with the apples we dried this year - they were too tart (Goldrush) or utterly bland and tasteless (mystery apple #2), and since we have opportunity to put in a few more trees, I'd like suggestions for good ones for drying.  Ideally late, large, and disease resistant (although we've had next to no disease problems with the apples, just lots of worms)

The online resources I found don't seem to talk much about drying - unless that's counted under "cooking"?

The new tress will be semidwarf, and have to deal with clay soil, blackberry roots, and summer heat and sun, and it's along a road some distance from the house, so might get some pilferage - a less beautiful apple might be less tempting.  

Lisa in Oregon
USDA zone 7 - Sunset zone 7 - 1800'


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