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Robert Capshew rcapshew at insightbb.com
Mon Dec 8 10:40:50 EST 2008

Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Apple pressing

> I am trying to picture 'divider boards'  with a basket, are 
 these crosslaid maple strips (like are used for stacked pressing) 
but cut in a circle to fit inside your basket?<

I bought a 4'x8'x1/2" sheet of polyethelene and cut dividers
to custom fit one of my presses.  You mark the sheet with the 
shapes you want and can cut the sheet with an electric jig saw 
quite easily.  The plastic is much easier to clean and sanitize 
than wood.  You may also want to buy a piece of UHMW
(ultra high molecular weight) plastic to use as the top plate 
that comes in contact with the press platen.

>If so do you do only use an outer sack - or individual cheeses 
each with cloth inside the basket?<

Get some heavy fabric (see other postings) and have the edges 
serged to prevent raveling.  After adding the pommace, fold the 
cloth like a diaper and add one of your custom sheets from above.
Build the cheeses then press.

Bob Capshew
S. Indiana
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