[NAFEX] Mandarin Orange update zone 6b - 2 sets of blooms and fruit

Harrick, Barbara b.harrick at ilslaunch.com
Mon Dec 8 07:34:22 EST 2008

Hi all. Thought I would give an update on my mandarin oranges.

Previously, I had posted (and mused) about the second set of flowers
that bloomed approximately one month after the first set and wondered
how they would fair.

The first set of blooms occurred while the trees were inside around late
March/early April. The second set of blooms occurred once the trees were
put outside in late Apr/early May. Both sets of blooms produced

We constructed wood frames and covered them with thick plastic "hardware
cloth" and used the plastic cable ties to "sew" the sections of plastic
hardware cloth at the seams. The trees were placed under the structures
on the back porch facing north. This actually kept the squirrels out!!

Through the summer, both sets of fruit grew and developed. 

Segue to end of pre-frost fall.  The trees were brought inside in late
October--they still ripen perfectly indoors. The first set of blooms
produced fruit of a normal mandarin size. The second set was 1/3 less
the size of the first set. When the first set of fruit started to turn
orange I was curious as to whether the second set would continue to grow
or would start to turn as well.

The second set did start to turn orange at the same time. Almost all of
the second sets of fruits have dropped off the trees before achieving
full size and full sweetness. Fruits from the first set of blooms are
perfect in every way.


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