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On Dec 7, 2008, at 9:59 AM, D Stubbs wrote:

> I am trying to picture 'divider boards'  with a basket, are these  
> crosslaid maple strips (like are used for stacked pressing) but cut  
> in a circle to fit inside your basket?
> If so do you do only use an outer sack - or individual cheeses each  
> with cloth inside the basket?
> I am glad to hear a screw press can  get pomace so dry!

I use a piece of hardwood ply that is routed both ways to make a  
lattice and then sealed to keep out moisture.  I use a very heavy  
nylon net, think the material used on backpacks with a name of Leno  
Mesh from the Rainshed , to build my bag and use the same to enclose  
the divider boards inside the bag that lines the slatted basket.  Same  
material could be used as cheese presses but that is not what I have  
done. However it is porous so that the juice is not clear but cloudy  
which is the way I like it - it has lots of flavor and 'body' but does  
settle out somewhat in due time.  However I do like my juice to have  
some body.

I agree w/ Claude that the juice has to have a way to get out which is  
why I subdivide  the slurry in my tub w/ divider boards, trying to get  
the same affect as his cheeses. If I was starting again from scratch i  
might consider the cheese  method as my forefather did years ago  
(making cheeses about 4 ft square as I recall), but I am happy w/ what  
I have and being basically lazy don't figure I will switch systems  
now. There is no way I can blow out the cloth I am using now.

Great pictures from Claude.  I use a liberal amount of high quality  
lithium grease on my threads and thrust bearing; but find the  
calculations interesting.

Hank  Zone 4 NH 1600 elev

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