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Glenn & Kathy Russell GlennAndKathy2 at cox.net
Sun Dec 7 12:39:08 EST 2008

Hi John-

            Thanks for the info!

            Although I've purchased from probably 6, and have catalogs from
12 online fruit nurseries, I've actually done much with "One Green World".
They certainly do have a lot more Honeyberries (11!) than say Raintree
(None), Gurneys (2), or Burnt Ridge.  I've ordered a catalog from them now.

            I think I'll probably go with your advice (seems to make sense,
and you're close to me) about going with the late bloomers.  I'll probably
just get 1 of each of the 4 you mention.  From their online blurb (below),
it didn't seem to conflict with your advice.  It just seemed they were
recommending those varieties for that area, but there's nothing to say they
couldn't also work well in our area too.

            Looking forward to having something else to eat at strawberry

Thanks again for the info!



>From One Green World:  While Honeyberry can be grown throughout the US, some
varieties have proven better adapted to our maritime Northwest growing
conditions. The late blooming varieties Blue VelvetT, Blue MoonT, Blue
ForestT, and Blue PacificT set and ripen significantly more fruit in our
region. The other varieties grow well but bloom earlier, after our short and
mild winters, and generally set less fruit because of the lack of bees and
other insects available for pollination.

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