[NAFEX] anchorage of apple trees

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sun Dec 7 11:20:22 EST 2008

People have been talking about how well anchored apples are on M7 vs.  
M111 and similar questions.  What, exactly, is anchorage?  Is it the  
likelihood a tree will blow over, leaving it's roots in the air.   
(Or, the ability to withstand that sort of thing, I guess.)  Is it  
the sturdiness of the trunk, and whether the trunk needs staking to  
keep it growing upright rather than leaning over?  These strike me as  
different characteristics - one mostly a quality of the trunk and the  
other of the roots.  (Although of course the rootstock can affect the  
quality of the trunk, otherwise there wouldn't be dwarfing rootstocks.)

I have a few different rootstocks (M7, M111, G30, a wild crab) but my  
trees are in partial shade and young, so my experience probably isn't  
worth mentioning.


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