[NAFEX] Apple pressing

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Sun Dec 7 10:33:14 EST 2008

A number of you have referred to grinding your apples into a "fine slurry".  I have an antique 
press (manufactured by "David Maxwell & Sons, St. Jacobs, Ontario" in the 1800's - my own 
name is David Maxwell).  This has teeth about 3 mm in size on the scratter (this is the correct 
English word for the grinder mechanism), and as several people have pointed out, makes 
largish chunks of apple.  One year I had only a small quantity of cyder apples, and, rather 
than dirty the press, I ran them through my electric Champion juicer (also a bit of an antique, I 
guess, but nowhere near as old.)  This produced a finely ground pommace, but the juice was 
cloudy, and never cleared despite prolonged storage of the resultant cyder.  My usual cyder, 
after a couple of rackings comes crystal clear, as the residual solids settle out.  Are those of 
you using a fine grind simply being content with a cloudy product, or do you have some other 
means of clarifying the must?  (Let me be clear here - I am making what you call "hard cider", 
not apple juice.)
(Claude, does the French Canadian word <<cidre>> refer to sweet as well as hard cider?  
This whole concept is an American creation, dating from Prohibition, and certainly in France, 
<<le cidre>> refers unequivocally to the alcoholic beverage.)

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