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I am trying to picture 'divider boards'  with a basket, are these crosslaid
maple strips (like are used for stacked pressing) but cut in a circle to fit
inside your basket?
If so do you do only use an outer sack - or individual cheeses each with
cloth inside the basket?
I am glad to hear a screw press can  get pomace so dry!
I have a large acme screw and a 14" dia. thick wall plastic pipe I salvaged
that I am thinking of making into a screw press for smaller batches, or for
grapes. Figure I'll just drill a jillion holes in the pipe.

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 6:59 AM, <hwparker at verizon.net> wrote:

> Claude et al,
> I, too, appreciate your info and data.  Although I have not done the
> weight study w/ my recent change to a slurry grinder (I use a disposal
> to grind) i kinda doubt that I would get anything out of a second
> press. My pomace comes out dry and hard as a pressed board and has to
> broken apart with some force.  I will check in the spring and see if
> any animals tried to chew on the blocks of pomace; I have my doubts.
> I use the slatted basket and divider boards that are serrated to help
> the flow out to the edges and am still using the hand screw method.
> With the apple slurry it is awfully easy and simple. With my
> previously used grater much like Claude's I was getting visible pieces
> of apple and always felt that despite extra pressure there was some
> juice left in the mini-pieces.
> I will do a weight study on my next season's batches for interests sake.
> I am in NH, zone 4, elevation 1600
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