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Sun Dec 7 07:59:03 EST 2008

Claude et al,

I, too, appreciate your info and data.  Although I have not done the  
weight study w/ my recent change to a slurry grinder (I use a disposal  
to grind) i kinda doubt that I would get anything out of a second  
press. My pomace comes out dry and hard as a pressed board and has to  
broken apart with some force.  I will check in the spring and see if  
any animals tried to chew on the blocks of pomace; I have my doubts.

I use the slatted basket and divider boards that are serrated to help  
the flow out to the edges and am still using the hand screw method.   
With the apple slurry it is awfully easy and simple. With my  
previously used grater much like Claude's I was getting visible pieces  
of apple and always felt that despite extra pressure there was some  
juice left in the mini-pieces.

I will do a weight study on my next season's batches for interests sake.
I am in NH, zone 4, elevation 1600

On Dec 6, 2008, at 11:28 AM, Claude Jolicoeur wrote:

> To Murph and Mark,
> I have uploaded pictures of my press and shredder in a Web album,  
> just in case this could give you some ideas. You may see it at the  
> following URL:
> http://picasaweb.google.com/cjoliprsf/ApplePress
> The press is small, light, the frame is welded steel. The frame for  
> the cheeses is 10"x10", for 100 square inches, but as the run goes  
> and the cheeses get compressed, the area increases to about 120  
> square inches maybe. The jack is 4 tons, so in theory, I get about  
> 65 psi of pressure. Although this press looks small, it does take up  
> to 15 kg per load, which is a not-fully-full bushell.
> Heavy presses do produce higher pressure - I have read that 100 psi  
> is a practical higher limit. What you get from doubling the  
> pressure, from 50 to 100 psi is very small however - most of the  
> juice flows before you reach 10 psi...
> As of taking the weight of the pulp before and after pressing, and  
> of the juice, I have done it. I calculate the yield in % as weight  
> of juice divided by the weight of the pulp. I usually get yields  
> around 55 to 65 % depending on the variety, timing and other  
> factors. Sometimes I do a second pressing of the pomace, and this  
> gives about 20% more juice. So, if for example, I have 30 kg of  
> apples, I will do 2 runs to collect about 17 litres of juice. And I  
> could do a third run with the pomace of the first 2 to collect  
> another 3 to 3-1/2 litres. So I get about 20 litres that will weight  
> 21 kg, this would be a yield of 70%. My yields are not so great for  
> a few reasons - my orchard is not fertilised and the apples are  
> small and scabby. Also my shredder makes pieces that are too large -  
> some improvement is required there...
> Hoping this will help you making choices for your future press! This  
> is a great project, with a lot of fun.
> Claude
> Quebec

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