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Here in western PA with mostly zone 6 winters in the past decade, I have found that I get better results with the varieties that bloom later.  I guess I have about 8 different vars of honeyberries.  The early blooming ones do not produce much fruit due to lack of pollinators or perhaps late frosts, but I really think it is due to lack of pollinators.  Blue Moon, Blue Velvet, Blue Forest and Blue Pacific are my most reliable producers.  However, this is precisely opposite of what One Green world recommends in their catalog for people located in the east.


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Hi Martha- 

in zone 6b, RI, and I was planning on adding a couple Honeyberries next
year.  From the specified zones, it looked like I’d be right in the
middle of the Blue Belle’s zone 6-9.  Would you have any
reservations about planting that variety here?  Thanks, 



Honeyberry Blue
Belle Gurneys  Zones: 3-9 

Berry Blue
Honeysuckle (this was the closest I found at Raintree, but the pic looked
right)  Zones: 2-7 

see anything at Edible Landscaping. 



>Regarding Haskups 


>Both Raintree and One
Green World Nurseries sell Honey Berry 
or Haskups. As does Edible Landscaping.  Maxine Thompson At OSU in
Corvallis Oregon is doing breeding work, but has not release any of her
varieties >yet,that I am aware of.  The problem is in the
 U.S. is that the initial releases of Haskup
bloomed too early so the people that had luck with them were in
 Maine but not farther
south.  There are now some later blooming >varieties that work better
in Oregon and
presumably parts south.  Some listings sort the varieties they offer into
earlier and later blooming types.  I guess the problem in
 Oregon was such early
bloom that the insects >were out yet, or possibly frost damage to




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