[NAFEX] OT carbon

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 01:06:12 EST 2008

> > Personally, I think we (NAFEXers) who garden and
> plant so extensively 
> > should qualify for automatic carbon offsets.

> I don't know. If people weren't around, most of our
> yards would still be 
> filled with trees, or at least vegetation, wouldn't
> they?

I'm doing my part to offset my carbon emissions by not
composting my vegetable scraps. but instead hoarding
them in my basement so they turn to coal in a few

But seriously folks... It's obvious enough that
growing our own fruit is better for the environment
than having it shipped to us from Chile. Let's not
look so deeply that we start thinking it would be
better not to exist at all. If we want to feel
environmentally virtuous, we can think of ourselves as
setting a good example for others, so our neighbors
might be inspired to replace their astroturf with

> Permission to reproduce is NEVER granted, so don't
> claim you have permission!

Whoa, NAFEX takes a really hard line on this issue.

With CFLs, you have to pick the color carefully. "Warm
White" is yellow. "Daylight" is blue. We've been
happiest with "Brilliant White" which looks white to



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