[NAFEX] OT Light bulb as Xmas gift

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sun Dec 7 00:04:54 EST 2008

> Personally, I think we (NAFEXers) who garden and plant so extensively 
> should qualify for automatic carbon offsets. I’ve planted (and tend) 
> 30+ trees in my little yard, I can’t imagine between that and all the 
> other gardening I do that I would still have a positive carbon footprint.

I don't know. If people weren't around, most of our yards would still be 
filled with trees, or at least vegetation, wouldn't they? So I can't 
really see how we're offsetting anything. To have a positive carbon 
footprint, that would require a net gain from us not existing at all, 
wouldn't it? Not just better than other people with astroturf and 
plastic flowers?

Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, and it's no big deal, anyway. It just 
struck me as odd.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

George Bush is behaving like a furious defaulter whose home is about to 
be repossessed. Smashing the porcelain, ripping the doors off their 
hinges, he is determined that there will be nothing worth owning by the 
time the bastards kick him out. - George Monbiot

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