[NAFEX] M7 needs staking in heavy clay soils?

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Sat Dec 6 21:06:29 EST 2008

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 To the person who wrote that M7 trees need staking
in heavy clay soils I say expand that statement to
many soils with many varieties of apples.  I've found
that more vegetative and late fruiting apples like
Northern Spy will anchor well on this rootstock but
most varieties stand a good chance of blowing over
about year 5 or with the first heavy crop.  
In soils that tend to get saturated in early fall M7
trees may never anchor adequately or at least I'm
running out of patience at one such sight with 8 year
trees.  In my nursery I grow mostly on 111 these days
although I wish Geneva 30 was more available.  I
don't really like growing apples on bushes, when I
plant I want to leave a legacy.

My experience has been just the opposite - I have a
good clay soil with high water table; trees on M7
have anchored well and show no sign of leaning or
blowing over, but easily 50% of my apples on M111
leaned at 45 degrees - or more - as they gained size,
necessitating pulling them back into an upright
position and propping up with sections of Osage
Orange trunk.

Lucky Pittman
Hopkinsville, KY

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