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So, the grinder rotates clockwise in picture #8.  I guess I had it

Another question, on the left side of that picture, at about 10 o'clock, it
shows a diverter that forces the apples to the grinding side (the right
side) of the housing.  Why was this diverter needed?  It seems to me, if the
apples dropped in the left side, the grinder drum would simply carry them
over to the right side, and grind them up.  Did apples somehow get trapped
on the left side?

Also how much faster are cheeses to press, verses putting the pulp in a
pressing bucket.  I had thought with an 8 ton jack, it would be enough force
to drive the juice out of the pulp fairly fast, whether using cheeses, or a
bucket.  Do you see anything wrong with this logic?


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In the beginning, the grinder was as shown on picture #5, with the whopper
directly over the main body of the grinder. However with this design,
apples often got stucked and I had to push them through, which wasn't
exactly handy.

A couple of years ago, I added an intermediate part between the main body
and the whopper to try to solve this. You can see it on picture #8. I tried
to improve the smoothness so the apples would fall more easily. I added
this green rubber tong with this intent. Another nice thing is that when
apples get stucked, I can gently lift this intermediate part (with the
green tong), approximately 1/2 inch, and push it down - this usually takes
care of stucked pieces of apples.
The rotor turns clockwise in picture #8. The smallest gap which controls
the size of the apples chips is at 5 o'clock on the picture.

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