[NAFEX] Apple pressing

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sat Dec 6 18:11:45 EST 2008

In the beginning, the grinder was as shown on picture #5, with the whopper
directly over the main body of the grinder. However with this design,
apples often got stucked and I had to push them through, which wasn't
exactly handy. 

A couple of years ago, I added an intermediate part between the main body
and the whopper to try to solve this. You can see it on picture #8. I tried
to improve the smoothness so the apples would fall more easily. I added
this green rubber tong with this intent. Another nice thing is that when
apples get stucked, I can gently lift this intermediate part (with the
green tong), approximately 1/2 inch, and push it down - this usually takes
care of stucked pieces of apples. 
The rotor turns clockwise in picture #8. The smallest gap which controls
the size of the apples chips is at 5 o'clock on the picture.

A 15:01 08.12.06 -0600, vous avez écrit :
>Sorry Claude, the problem must have been on my end.  The link works fine
>Question,  in picture number 8, which was does the grinder turn?  It looks
>like it would turn counter-clockwise, is that right?  What is the piece of
>green foam for?

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