[NAFEX] Fruit & Nut inventory

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Sat Dec 6 14:53:10 EST 2008

"annual Seed Saver's Exchange
yearbook....  You can't imagine how
long it takes to look through the tomato section!"

But I LOVE looking through it!  I ordered some tomato seeds from GACAC a few 
years ago and told him I'd done a statistical analysis of his tomato 
offerings.  He was thrilled, he's a history prof and says statistics make 
things come alive for him.  It was easy to do and verified what I expected, 
that he had mostly small to medium fruits.  These are more likely to crop in 
high heat.  What surprised me was that he had almost entirely red varieties. 
It dawned on me that a lot of the other colors are kept simply for novelty, 
whereas a plain ol' red tomato needs to have some good attributes to 
survive.  Flavor, productivity, disease resistance all come to mind. 

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