[NAFEX] Apple pressing

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sat Dec 6 12:45:48 EST 2008

To Murph and Mark,
I forgot to say in my previous message...
I have another older wooden press of more conventional design, in wood with
a screw and a basket made of vertical wood slats. I much prefer the cheese
design as the yield is better and the juice flows faster. I don't want to
tell you what you should do, but you may consider this alternative. One
thing that should be avoided however, is a cheese desigh with a screw as
this is often unstable. Also, if going with a hydraulic jack and a basket,
you have to make sure the jack is high enough - you don't want the lever of
the jack to interfere with the top of the basket, or you would be in trouble!

And an added comment to Del: all my wood parts are varnished, 4 to 5 coats
of a high resistance varnish. This way, it is very easy to clean and it
keeps the color. I have used many types of wood - maple, BC fir plywood,
and others.

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