[NAFEX] LED vs. CFL info

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sat Dec 6 12:11:13 EST 2008

This comes from a friend who is testing LED's:

I've been testing as well over the last year. I installed the first bulb, a 
25w equivalent, as a bedside lamp and had to remove it as it put out a nasty 
RF buzz that made the clock radio unuseable. And it was too dim to read by. 
The second was a 40w equivalent but also too dim. That's why I'm buying one 
ELED Fresnel for the theatre just as a test. They cost $900.00 apiece 
compared to $116.95 for an Altman Fresnel, but over 15 years, the savings is 
breathtaking. As I told the GLAPA Board:

"Mathematically, then, this same fixture, over the same 15 years, uses 
$157.50 worth of electricity compared to the current $2100.00. And it uses 
$0 worth of replacement bulbs compared to the current $2400.00. What does it 
cost? $900.00. SO: Over a 15-year life expectancy, an ELED Fresnel costs 
$1057.50 compared to our current expenditure of $4616.95."

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