[NAFEX] OT Light bulb as Xmas gift

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Sat Dec 6 09:47:53 EST 2008

 I have a friend who's had CFL's and round fluorescent bulbs in her house 
for years, and I hate them.  They aren't too bad when new, but even then 
it's an unpleasant light.  They seem to spend years in their dotage, still 
giving light but of increasing dimness and the flicker ever more obvious.
    I would jump at LED's except for they are $40 each!!!  Well, I'll have 
to be looking into this anyway, because we've just bought a solar kit for 
our property where we would really like to have just a little bit of light 
and music, and a fan in the summer.  Mostly we use battery powered 
headlamps, light where you want it wherever you go.     Donna 

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