[NAFEX] OT Light bulb as Xmas gift

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Sat Dec 6 09:20:19 EST 2008

On Dec 6, 2008, at 9:09 AM, S & E Hills wrote:

> I find that in cooler situations (front porch, basement) that the  
> CFL bulbs are dim, though they eventually brighten up (though not  
> in the time I am wanting to get what I am trying to get done….it  
> would be silly for me to go over and turn on the basement light 5  
> minutes before I go down to find a tool from my workstation).

I used to buy CFL for my front stoop, but they "burned out" really  
fast.  I went to a good hardware store and the clerk told me the  
problem was that they don't work when it's cold.  There are special  
CFL that you can use in the cold, but they have a larger base and  
don't fit in the fixture out front.  (And I tried some of the lights  
that had "died" inside, and they worked fine.  He was right, they  
just wouldn't light outside due to the temp.)  But depending on your  
fixture, the cold-weather ones might work in your basement.

I bought a few LED bulbs recently.  The one that claimed to be 100w  
equivalent also came with warnings not to use it outdoors.  The ones  
that claimed to be 60W (and are probably more like 40-50w)  
equivalents didn't have any similar warning, and are now in the  
fixture outdoors.  It's below freezing, and they seem to work.  And  
they use many fewer watts than incandescents and I expect them to  
last a lot longer.  I look forward to brighter ones, but these will  
do for now.

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