[NAFEX] Apple Press Pomace

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Fri Dec 5 21:56:51 EST 2008

Thanks to all for the feedback.  I should have added more details.  I plan
to use a traditional wood slatted pressing bucket.  15" tall X 10"I.D.  I
agree with Don about the bucket with holes.  One problem I see with a holy
bucket is that the pressing bag would extrude through the holes on the way
down, and then get sheared off by as the platen passes by.  I would think
vertical slats would be the only way to get around this, if a bucket is

I plan to use an 8 ton hydraulic jack.  I know this is overkill, but the
jack with the throw I'm looking for, comes in 8 ton size or 3 ton size, so 8
ton it is.  I plan to use a grinder that grinds very fine.  Either Don's
garbage disposal, or the circular saw grinder.  So far, I like the
advantages of the circular saw grinder, even though it's much more
expensive.  When I saw a video of it eating through 5 gallons of apples in
20 seconds, it got my attention.  I also like it that it shouldn't overheat
with a continous duty motor.  And I have an extra 1/2 horse motor laying

So with the above variables, I think I'm hearing the pulp will compress to
about 25% of it's original height?


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