[NAFEX] Mark and Geneva Rootstock and Ottawa-3

David.Maxwell at dal.ca David.Maxwell at dal.ca
Fri Dec 5 18:56:21 EST 2008

A few trees started elsewhere on Ott-3 are also doing noticeably well here, but Ott-3 is 
difficult to impossible to use for benchgrafts because roots on stooled rootstock starts are 
scant; Ott-3 needs to grow for a year before survivors are grafted.    
> Pete Tallman
> Longmont, CO   zone 5 or so

I regrafted 60% of my small orchard to O-3 about 5 years ago (from M-9).  In addition I have 
a number of trees on Alnarp with an O-3 interstem.  Both these are doing well.  I agree that 
O-3 is extremely difficult to stool, and produces miserable little roots.  But growing them out 
for a year is in itself a problem, as O-3 very much dislikes being moved.  Even if one can get 
the rootstock to produce decent roots before grafting, as soon as you put it out in the orchard 
it will simply sit and sulk for 1 to 2 years before deciding to grow.  One good way around both 
of these problems is to nurse root graft the O-3:  using just a piece of seedling root (or 
anything else that is to hand), graft it to a stick of O-3, then bury the whole graft, leaving just 
the top of the O-3 scion sticking out.  Rather surprisingly this actually works.  Or, use the O-3 
as an interstem.  (And actually I rather like this because it gives a much better rooted tree 
that does not need to be staked.)

David Maxwell, in Nova Scotia (in the non-existent Dominion to the North) Zone 5a

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