[NAFEX] Apple Press Pomace

Don Yellman don.yellman at webformation.com
Fri Dec 5 18:16:27 EST 2008


A question like this without the context of how you will press your apple pomace, and why this particular question is of interest may get several different responses, depending on the assumptions one makes.

I assume, but do not know for sure, that you are trying to calculate the length of throw required of your hydraulic cylinder or pressing screw so that it fully expels the juice at maximum extension.  A little more information on the design of the press you are building and how you expect it to work might clear this up.  When you refer to your "bucket", do you mean an actual, perforated bucket, or a traditional pressing basket, made from  banded hardwood slats?  I do not, BTW, recommend use of a drilled bucket, either plastic or metal, since even multiple holes will quickly clog, and the job will be slow.

My press is a basket type with a long pressing screw.  This type of basket must be used with heavy pressing bags of the type sold by Happy Valley, when the pomace is made with a kitchen disposal or other machinery that produces a fine pomace.  Without the bags, the pomace would simply run out between the slats, with little or no pressure.  I discharge the pomace from my disposal into 5-gallon plastic buckets lined with pressing bags, filling them about half full, and press two of these bags at a time.  An average height for two bags in the basket might be about 12-14 inches, and it will press down to about 3-4 inches of dry pomace.  Bob Capshew's press, utilizing the traditional cheese method, is probably larger than mine and will do a larger volume with a single pressing, but the reduction ratio would be about the same.   If you use a hand grinder such as the "apple eater" that produces a coarser grind, the pomace will not press down as much and your juice yield will be red

So give us a little more insight into the design concepts of your press, and you might get some suggestions that would be quite helpful.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA 

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